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Adobe Captivate 6

June 25, 2012

What is Adobe Captivate 6?

Adobe® Captivate® 6 software helps you rapidly author a wide range of interactive eLearning and HTML5-based mLearning content. Easily create product demos in HD, application simulations, and soft skills and compliance training. Import Microsoft® PowerPoint slides and enrich with multimedia, interactive elements and quizzes. Deliver content to virtually any device, including iPads.

Create stunning HD product demos and provide a hands-on learning experience using application simulations. Record narration and capture screen motion simultaneously, synchronize audio and video with slides and timed objects, and draw attention to specific areas.

Multimode recording for screen capture

Generate robust software simulations with multiple learning modes in a single recording session, including a demonstration of the procedure, a simulation for practicing the steps, and an assessment.

High-definition (HD) screencast

Easily create high-quality product demos with the new capture-as-a-video workflow. Edit video, and add transitions, smart shapes, audio, and captions. Insert a talking head or another video in a picture-in-picture format. Publish it to YouTube with a single click.

Automatic screen capture with smart full-motion recording

Automatically record all your actions, including mouse movements and keyboard activity, while using any software application. Full-motion recording automatically switches on and off for drag-and-drop actions.

AutoText Captions

Create text captions that describe concepts and screen actions, or have Adobe Captivate software automatically add them during recording. Customize the appearance, size, orientation, position, and display speed of captions.


Attractive out-of-the-box quizzing

Create eye-catching quizzes with new out-of the-box quiz templates and an attractive set of components.Work in an improved quiz review area that makes evaluation simpler and faster.

Single-click publishing to YouTube

Create a project using preset dimensions, and use the new direct workflow to publish it to YouTube with a single click.

HTML5 publishing

Deliver eLearning on the go. Now publish eLearning content as HTML5, and take your courses to mobile devices. Send scoring data to leading SCORM- and AICC-compliant LMSs and track learner progress.

iPad publishing

Take your eLearning to mobile iDevices. Create interactive eLearning content in a jiffy using the iPad and iPhone presets. Publish content as HTML5, for access using browsers on iPads and iPhones.

Integration with SCORM- and AICC-compliant LMSs

Rest assured that your scoring data will integrate smoothly with your Learning Management System (LMS). Publish your courses effortlessly to leading LMSs like Moodle, Blackboard, Plateau, Saba, and SumTotal.



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  1. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre

    NSW Department of Education & Training uses Adobe software to facilitate a range of digital learning resources and interactive tools for teachers and students across the state

    Industries : K-12 Education
    Project Types : e-Learning

  2. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – Exane Derivatives

    Leading French financial services firm uses Adobe Connect to accelerate the delivery of important information, keeping customers more informed and providing superior services

    Industries : Financial Services
    Project Types : Presentations

  3. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – Kineo

    Leading eLearning solutions company accelerates development of custom solutions and expands into new markets using Adobe eLearning Suite 2, which includes Adobe Captivate 5

    Industries : Professional Services
    Project Types : e-Learning

  4. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – ReadSoft

    Document process automation leader leverages Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2, including Adobe RoboHelp 8, to enrich help content and extend user communities

    Industries : Technology
    Project Types : Data Management

  5. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – St. John the Baptist School

    Innovative secondary school reduces eLearning development time by 50% and energizes learning environment using Adobe eLearning Suite, which includes Adobe Captivate.

    Industries : K-12 Education
    Project Types : e-Learning

  6. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – CAREstream Health

    Canadian distributor of medical equipment uses Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 to streamline its technical documentation process end to end.

    Industries : Life Sciences
    Project Types : Help & Support

  7. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – Adelaide Football Club

    Sports team gains competitive edge and extends off-field training time with media-rich eLearning and collaboration tools supported by Adobe solutions.

    Industries Entertainment
    Project Types e-Learning

  8. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), The Wallace Center

    Distinguished university uses Adobe Connect to make content accessible at the world’s largest technical college for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

    Industries : Higher Education
    Project Types : e-Learning

  9. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – IDBS

    IDBS unites help documentation, simulations, and other engaging materials into single, cohesive suite using Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 softwar.

    Industries : Technology
    Project Types : Help & Support

  10. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – Professional Service Industries, Inc.

    Engineering firm creates mission-critical simulation training for dispersed workforce using Adobe Captivate and Adobe Photoshop software.

    Industries : Architecture, Engineering & Construction
    Project Types : e-Learning

  11. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – Memorial Hermann Healthcare System

    Leading Texas healthcare network uses Adobe Connect to streamline training and design of electronic medical records applications.

    Industries : Life Sciences
    Project Types : e-Learning

  12. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – Mine Safety Appliances Company

    Manufacturer uses Adobe Connect to cost effectively reach staff, dealers, and customers worldwide with vital product safety and usage training.

    Industries : Manufacturing
    Project Types : e-Learning

  13. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – Indiana University

    Indiana University improves teaching, learning, and administration with first-ever agreement to provide entire university community with easy access to broad array of Adobe software at no charge.

    Industries : Higher Education

  14. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – FDM Software

    Software company streamlines publishing and extends content to multiple communication channels with Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 software

    Industries : Technology

  15. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – California State University, Monterey Bay

    TSS Software Corporation reduces technical publishing burdens while improving the customer experience with Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 software

    Industries : Technology

  16. Adobe Captivate 6 / Showcase – TSS Software Corporation

    TSS Software Corporation reduces technical publishing burdens while improving the customer experience with Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 software

    Industries : Technology

  17. Photoshop – Using Content-Aware Patch
    In this movie, learn about the new Content-Aware Patch tool. See how to use this tool to heal away undesirable portions of an image. Select a specific region, and Photoshop automatically defines a randomized fill pattern. Consider it a more selective version of Content-Aware Fill.

  18. I was having an argument with a friend about new features being added to software. I always thought that added features were just a way to repackage and sell more copies of the same software. My friend showed me this video and in 2minutes I was convinced. I downloaded the new Illustrator from here and I’m probably going to buy the full version soon!

  19. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    What is Adobe® Captivate ® 6?

    Adobe® Captivate® 6 software lets you rapidly author interactive eLearning and HTML5-based mLearning content. Create product demos in HD, and application simulations. Import Microsoft® Powerpoint slides, and add multimedia and quizzes. Liven up projects with actors, themes, and interactive elements. Publish to leading LMSs, and deliver to the web, desktops, and mobile devices.

  20. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    Who should use Adobe Captivate 6?

    Corporate training professionals and educators with limited programming capabilities who want to create product demos, application simulations, and soft skill and compliance training. You can repurpose existing Microsoft® PowerPoint content into interactive eLearning experiences and publish to the web, desktops, and leading Learning Management Systems, or deliver to mobile devices.

  21. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    What is the difference between Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter, and Adobe eLearning Suite?

    Adobe Captivate lets you create various types of eLearning content without programming. Adobe Presenter is a simpler tool that lets you create training videos from within Microsoft® PowerPoint. Adobe eLearning Suite is a complete toolbox to create eLearning content end-to-end using media editing tools like Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Flash® Professional, and Adobe Audition®.

  22. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    I already have a license to an earlier version of Adobe Captivate. What are my upgrade options?

    Special upgrade pricing is available to customers who have valid licenses for Adobe Captivate and want to upgrade to Adobe Captivate 6 or Adobe eLearning Suite 2.5.

  23. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    What are the new features in Adobe Captivate 6?

    Adobe Captivate 6 now lets you rapidly author and deliver HTML5-based eLearning content to mobile devices, including iPads. Create HD product demos with a new capture-as-a-video workflow. Roundtrip with Microsoft® PowerPoint 2010. Liven up courses with actors, themes, smart shapes, and interactive elements. Make quizzes more effective with pre-tests, audio responses, and remediation. Publish effortlessly to leading LMSs like Moodle, Blackboard, Plateau, Saba, and SumTotal.

  24. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    Can Adobe Captivate 6 be integrated with Adobe Flash® products?

    Yes. You can save eLearning content that you create with Adobe Captivate 6 as SWF files, which can be viewed in a standard web browser with Adobe Flash Player 9 or later. You can also import custom-designed animations (like zigzag motion) created using Flash Professional into an Adobe Captivate project and apply the animation to selected objects, as well as export Adobe Captivate content to Flash Professional for advanced editing or scripting, and import SWF, FLA, and FLV files into Adobe Captivate projects.

  25. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    Does Adobe Captivate 6 integrate with Adobe Connect™ and Adobe Presenter?

    Adobe Captivate 6 provides tight integration with Adobe Connect™ software, allowing authors to improve training effectiveness by adding a layer of interactivity to Adobe Presenter† presentations and Adobe Connect online meetings. Users can also deliver content through standard web browsers and track and manage courses and learners by publishing Adobe Captivate files directly to Adobe Connect Enterprise Server.

  26. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    What kinds of rich media can I include in my Adobe Captivate content?

    You can import content from a variety of formats, including image formats (PSD, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, ICO, EMF, WMF and POT), sound formats (MP3 and WAV), and popular animation and video formats (SWF, FLV with metatags, AVI, and MOV).

  27. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    Is Adobe Captivate 6 compatible with Learning Management Systems?

    Yes. Adobe Captivate 6 integrates with LMSs that are SCORM 2004–, SCORM 1.2– and AICC-compliant. Adobe Captivate 6 automatically generates the manifest file—an XML document that contains all the data required by the LMS to communicate with Adobe Captivate content.

  28. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    Does Adobe Captivate 6 integrate with other authoring tools?

    Yes. Adobe Captivate 6 integrates with Adobe Connect, so users can add interactivity and quizzes to Adobe Presenter† presentations or live meetings and publish directly to Adobe Connect Enterprise Server to track and manage courses, learners, and scoring data. Users can export Adobe Captivate projects to Adobe Flash® Professional for more complex editing and ActionScript® coding. You can use the SWF files generated by Adobe Captivate with any tools that support SWF files, such as Adobe Acrobat® or Adobe Dreamweaver® software. Adobe Captivate 6 also integrates with the Questionmark Perception assessment tool.

  29. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    Can I import Microsoft® PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 projects into Adobe Captivate 6?

    You can import projects created in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 in either the PPTX or PPT format. You can also edit PowerPoint content in Adobe Captivate and keep the projects in sync.

  30. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    How does Adobe Captivate 6 compare with other screen recording tools, such as Camtasia?

    Adobe Captivate 6 lets you generate robust software simulations with multiple learning modes in a single recording session. These include demonstrations and interactive simulations for practice and assessment. You can also create high-definition product demos with a new capture-as-a-video workflow.

  31. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    Is international language support available?

    Adobe Captivate 6 supports Unicode and is available in English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish versions. All editions include a completely localized user interface and documentation. The AutoText captions feature automatically generates caption text in Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. Authors can customize the AutoText caption file to support additional languages.

  32. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    Is Adobe Captivate 6 compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 7?

    Yes. Adobe Captivate 6 is certified for Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (Service Pack 3 recommended); or Windows 7 with Service Pack 1.

  33. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    Is Adobe Captivate 6 available for Mac OS?

    Yes. Adobe Captivate 6 is available for Mac OS X v10.5.7 or v10.6, running on a multicore Intel® processor.

  34. Adobe Captivate 6 / FAQ

    Where can I get a trial ofAdobe Captivate 6?

    To get a trial of Adobe Captivate 6, visit the page.

  35. Watch the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Roadshow videos on demand…

  36. I’ve been playing with the new Premiere Pro from Adobe’s new Creative Suite 6 and it’s pretty awesome, but until recently I hadn’t even scratched the surface of new features. I learnt about multi-cam editing, new audio sync features and lots more from the seminar they did at their roadshow. Check it out – you might find some useful features too!

  37. Check out this video – it highlights, showcases and gives you tips and tricks to the new features in all of Adobe’s new software. There’s no better place to search for tips or guidance. It’s all here in one simple video, take 1 hour out and make sure you watch it!

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